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Review of the Most Popular Workout Leggings on the Market

I’ve always been a leggings lover, to say I wear them a lot is an understatement. As a personal trainer and someone who loves to be comfy I wear them 24/7. With that in mind I decided to test out some of the MOST popular brands out there in search of the best pair of workout leggings. There are so many brand promises out there – So why not put them to the test! Here’s my review of the most popular workout leggings on the market.

Just for sizing reference: I’m 5’3 and weigh 125 lbs. I’m also larger through the hips, bum and thighs.


These are the penultimate leggings. The most popular pair- marketed as weightless, buttery soft, sweat wicking and breathable. I have these leggings in the basic black colour. These leggings are buttery soft and slip right on- no tugging or yanking. The waistband sits an inch or two above the belly button and is controlling without feeling tight or restricting. I have a size 4 and they fit perfectly- snug but with a little bit of room for movement (and eating).


  • The material is so buttery soft and they wash and wear well

  • The waist is comfortable and doesn’t roll down when you bend over or sit down

  • Flattering- the material is smoothing to the skin- hiding a lot of lumps and bumps without being overly compressive


  • PRICEY! These are some of the more expensive leggings

  • They didn’t receive an A+ in the squat test (I suggest wearing dark coloured underwear)


This is an American company I heard about via Instagram. With about 190K followers they’re an up and coming fitness brand. I have a pair of their Bare Leggings in heather grey. They’re marketed as leggings that make you feel naked while also having the ability to camouflage any lumps and bumps. These leggings are buttery soft- similar to the lulu aligns. They’re easy to pull on and off- no tugging and yanking into place necessary because they aren’t high compression. I have a size small in these and they fit well.


  • The softest and thinnest material is so comfy and really does make you feel naked

  • Although the material is thin they do pass the squat test completely

  • Waistband is the perfect height

  • They make your bum look fabulous- these tights are boyfriend approved 😉

  • Seamless in the front so you can avoid the dreaded camel toe.


  • They have a small seam built into the waistband that does not stretch

  • I sometimes felt this to be a little restrictive and can create a small lump or bump


Gymshark is all the rage nowadays so I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about. These leggings are thick and have a strong high waistband. I have a size small in these and they fit well. However, they are high compression and I’d be curious how much looser the mediums would be. They are marketed as comfortable leggings that provide ease of movement. Putting these leggings on is a bit of a struggle because of their high compression, it does feel like you’re pulling up panty hose, a little bit at a time. Once they’re on however, they do stay in place nicely.


  • The waistband is high and thick (holding everything in nicely)

  • A+ in the squat test.

  • They come in a lot of different patterns and colours

  • The tapered detail on the bum is very flattering

  • Not too long (shout out to all my short girls!!!)


  • The waist band does roll down when you move a lot

  • Very high compression (this is a pro for some people) but not for me

  • The material isn’t very soft

  • I don’t find them very breathable


Zyia is one of the fastest growing fitness and attire companies around. These Hero leggings are one of their best sellers and I bought the camo pattern. These are marketed as moderate compression, sweat wicking, smooth high rise leggings. I have a size small in these and they fit well both in length and in the waist. Truthfully, when I first got these leggings I wasn’t sure how I felt about them. I first found them too compressive and didn’t like that the mesh part of the pants didn’t stretch. However, the more I’ve worn them the more I like them. They wash REALLY well and the material is soft.


  • Very high waistband

  • Very flattering, smoothing look (they hide all unwanted lumps and bumps)

  • They are sweat-wicking

  • They come in so many sizes


  • The waistband can roll down because they are so high-waisted

  • I don’t find them overly flattering from behind- might be because they are fairly compressive

  • The seams where the patterns change don’t stretch


I have these in black as well as dark green. Marketed as breathable, lightweight, compression interlock fabric that holds you in while sculpting your shape these guys promise a lot. They require a little tugging to get into place but are easier to put on in comparison to most “compression” leggings. Personally, I don’t find the material overly soft but they do wash really well and they last a long time. I’ve had mine for over 4 years.


  • PRICE! They’re relatively inexpensive in comparison to other gym leggings

  • They last a long time and they wash well

  • They pass the squat test

  • Waistband stays in place


  • The material isn’t soft at all

  • I don’t find them overly flattering on your bum or legs


Yes- these are joggers but I figured I’d include them as joggers are one of the hottest trends right now. I have these joggers in black but they also come in white and light pink. They’re high rise with a tapered leg, drawstring waistband and pockets. Gymshark market’s these as versatile and comfortable pants for training or lounging.

I have these in a small but honestly I think I should have gotten an extra small. I wind up tying the drawstring tight and rolling the waist band. The waistband does roll nicely (I think they plan for people doing this). They are super comfortable pants, VERY soft, and wash like a dream. They’re looser through the waist and hips, snug on the bum and taper down the leg.


  • The cost

  • The fabric is so soft

  • They pass the squat test

  • The waist band is comfortable and stays in place

  • They fit snug in all the right places- very flattering on the bum


  • Don’t fit true to size, I would definitely size down!

  • Pockets don’t lay flat and can be a little bulky


And the winner is … **DRUM ROLL**

After my review of the most popular workout leggings on the market, this was a tough one to call! But if you’re looking for a pair of pants that will hold up to your workouts and that are also comfortable enough to lounge around in I would pick the Gymshark Pippa Training Joggers! Their versatility, their comfort, their price and how well they washed really stood out! However, if you’re not into joggers and are looking for leggings specifically I would recommend the P’Tula Bare leggings. They’re a bit cheaper than the Lulu aligns but feel just as buttery soft, they also pass the squat test while giving you that naked feel.


There are so many different brands, styles and promises out there when it comes to leggings! I hope my review of the most popular workout leggings on the market can simplify your search in finding those perfect leggings that make you feel as confident, beautiful and strong as YOU ARE! Now that you’ve found the perfect pair of workout pants and with spring just around the corner- check out my blog on jump starting your spring fitness routine.

Happy Shopping Everyone! xo

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