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Spring Into Fitness: Jump-Start Your Fitness Routine

Although it still feels like the depths of winter, SPRING is just around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to “spring” into fitness and jump-start your fitness routine! Spring is a transitional period; it is known as the “season of change.” It’s about diving into new opportunities, cleaning out the cobwebs of winter and getting ready to put your whole self into the upcoming summer season! So with my help, let’s shake off those sluggish, winter blues, get active and feel refreshed. Here are 6 ways to spring into your fitness and work towards your goals.


Spring clean your kitchen

We all get stuck in food ruts; eating the same thing every day. Indulging in those heavier, “comfort foods” during the winter months. With warmer temperatures around the corner now’s the perfect time to “spring clean” your diet; switch out those heavier winter foods, with lighter, healthier eats! One of my favourite healthy springtime recipes is a Zucchini Noodle Caprese Salad. It feels like a pasta dish… but without the pasta! Check out the recipe below:

  • Using a spiralizer, create noodles out of the zucchini.

  • Throw the noodles into a frying pan with olive oil and garlic. Cook for a few minutes then toss in chopped up cherry tomatoes. Cook this for a few minutes then toss with salt and pepper.

  • When you’re ready to serve it add sliced mozzarella balls and fresh basil.


Buy some new activewear

Looking good is feeling good. It’s important to dress for success in every aspect of your life; including the gym! This spring head out and buy yourself a new gym outfit! It can empower you with a can-do mindset and make you feel ready to take on your workout. Choose comfortable, well-fitting clothes in your favourite styles and colours. If you’re looking for some affordable yet cute gym clothes I recommend checking out Old Navy’s activewear. It’s really durable, moves well, and most of the tights I’ve purchased are SQUAT PROOF. I love their High-Waisted Balance Yoga leggings for both working out and lounging around! They’re soft and super flattering.


Have a plan

If you fail to plan. You plan to fail. This could not be more true when it comes to working out. It’s important to plan ahead. Before you set out to workout, make sure you know what exercises you are doing and what your general goals are for that workout.

If you have the workout motivation but find you are lacking some general direction feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram AlexandraLynnFit. As a certified personal trainer I can help to create a workout program that best suits your goals and lifestyle!


Exercise outdoors

With the warmer weather around the corner, take your exercise outdoors! Grab some dumbbells, resistance bands or just use your own body weight! If you’re new to exercise, start with just getting outside! Take the dog for a walk or go for a hike with your friends. Working out outside in the sun can also greatly improve your mood and increase your energy levels. Sounds a lot like killing two birds with one stone to me!


Choose the workout that’s best for you

Exercise is not one-size-fits-all. When choosing the workout that’s best for you it’s important to take into consideration your goals, your experience level, what you enjoy doing, and how much time you have. Here are some general guidelines:

  • If you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight focus on full body workouts that include compound movements. Compound movements are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Full-body workouts also mean you will likely spend fewer days a week in the gym.

  • If you’re short on time try out High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is a very challenging style of workout that uses short bursts of high intensity movements paired with lower intensity movements that serve as longer, rest intervals. This style of training keeps your body in peak fat-burning and muscle building condition.

  • If you need accountability and are establishing a new fitness routine; try out a group exercise class! Having others in the class will help to motivate you, an instructor will help to make sure you are performing the movements safely and the upbeat environment will help the time pass quicker!


Don’t be too hard on yourself

Jumping back into a routine or creating a new routine is not easy! On average, research shows that it takes a little over 2 months, 66 days to be exact for a new behaviour to become habit. There will be days where you miss your scheduled workout. The goal is to not beat yourself up too much and get to the point where you think it’s “just not worth it.” YOU ARE WORTH IT. Life happens, if you miss a workout that’s OK. Focus on eating well, going for a walk and resume your normal workout schedule the next day. Give yourself some wiggle room. Don’t let one missed workout take the steam out of your journey.


Remember, you only get one body and taking care of it should be a priority regardless of the season. Hopefully these tips can help to jump-start your fitness this spring and create healthy habits that can carry on throughout the seasons. If you’re looking for ways to help set some attainable fitness goals look no further than here. Positive thoughts my friends.. springtime really is right around the corner.

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