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Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

It may not seem like it- but Christmas is just around the corner meaning soon enough you’ll be racking your brain to figure out what to get all your friends and family. As someone who lives and breathes the fitness industry my family and friends often say they want to get me something useful but that all the “gym products” are too confusing. I then realized there are so many different variations products out there, that shopping for a fitness enthusiast can be rather daunting! So that’s why I’ve decided to share my holiday gift guide for fitness lovers


Stocking Stuffers for Fitness Lovers

Stockings are my favourite part of Christmas- I love shopping around for small, inexpensive little items I can pop into the stockings of my loved ones on Christmas morning. If you have a fitness lover in your life here are a few, inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas.

When all else fails in the stocking stuffers department, you can always give them a gift card to their favourite fitness store, such as Lululemon or Sportchek. Don’t forget to make sure to toss in some scrunchies and a package of socks. Its the number one thing they need when doing their favourite fitness activities!


Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Finding gifts for a fitness lover can be overwhelming if it’s not your normal realm. There are so many different types of exercise with different products, styles and uses! Whether you’ve got a runner, yogi, weightlifter or CrossFit junkie on your list this year, I have options that anyone would be happy to find under the tree.

  1. Squat Proof Tights– Lululemon

  2. Non-Slip Yoga Mat– Gaiam

  3. Adjustable dumbbells– PowerBlock

  4. Smart Watch– Apple

  5. Everyday Bag– BuffBunny

  6. Workout tanks– Amazon

  7. Foam Roller– Amazon

  8. Balance Ball Chair– Amazon

Remember that it doesn’t just have to be an item. Another great gift could be as simple as paying for their gym membership for the month, or getting them a membership to a fitness place they’ve been wanting to try. You could even get them a pack of classes and get yourself one as well. That way you both can do something together, making the gift extra special. Trainers can be pricey so even splurging and getting them some training sessions would be a great gift, just remember to make sure that is something that your fitness lover would want.


Christmas is my favourite time of year- it’s such a joyful magical time, it should not a stressful time. I created this gift guide to ease your stress and take the guesswork out of buying for that fitness lover in your life.

Happy Holidays Everyone xo

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